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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish
I know, the box is ripped, but that's alright, I would have done it anyway.  I picked up this little gem at CVS for the whopping price of $15.99. I know pretty expensive nail polish, right?  You have one of two options.  Buy each step separately at $9.99 a piece or get a price break buying both steps together.  Besides I had a coupon and CVS bucks to spend. 
I love nail polish, I just hate the chipping that comes with it.  It's always the same thing.  You take the time to paint them and wham, your blindsided with chips almost right away.  I ain't about that life!  As such, I thought this might be a great product to try out. 
This is a two-step process (really three).  The color I am using is call All Chalked Up.  Which I really like. It's reminds me of a beautiful wild lilac.  Purple hues are the color of fall you know.
Anyhow, I digress.  Two coats of the nail color, and make sure you let it dry in between coats.  Remember, patients is your friend during any application of nail polish.  The black bottle is the key to your success, so after your two coats of color have dried, apply the top coat.  No UV light needed...No Fuss, No Muss.
The picture below is Day 1
(I'm terrible at painting in the lines)
Below you will see a pic of Day 3, still holding up!
Finally day 13...Keep in mind that I've been pretty brutal to my hands over the past 13 days. Heavy cleaning has been involved, laundry, picking and peeling of stickers and boxes...Not to mention at work I actually put boxes together.  Earlier today I scrubbed the tile in my two person shower. 
With all this said, don't hate on this last pic...
My left hand actually still looks decent.  My right hand, not so much!  These pictures are as untouched as my nails.  After the first day I did no upkeep to my nails so I could get an honest look at them regarding the 14 day claim.
In my opinion, this is great polish!  Next time, I will do touch-ups to keep them looking fresh.  Over all the polish looked pretty good at about 5 days and the glossy shine was amazing!  My suggestion is to purchase this product in the combo pack which is cheaper and make sure you use a coupon!  I've already printed out a couple to get additional colors for my collection. 

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