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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Fibrite Microfiber Mop with BENDABLE Mop Head and Microfiber Bristle Pad Review + Giveaway.

I was so excited when Fibrite Microfiber offered to give me their bendable microfiber bristle mop and pad in exchange for my honest opinion as to how it worked for me.  I personally hate hate hate sweeping.  I would rather go to the dentist then sweep!  The reason I can't stand this specific chore is because I have 3 cats and 1 dog!
I am constantly brushing these animals.  I brush these animals so often, that I feel like I am running an animal boutique!  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to matter how much I brush them, I am constantly seeing tumbleweeds on my floors in the form of cat hair.
This is where my enemy, the broom comes into play.  When I sweep with the broom the hair flies everywhere but in the pile of dirt that needs to be swept up.  It is so annoying.  Seriously, it irks me soooo much! 
But, I now have a secret weapon, my hero, the Fibrite Microfiber Mop.  I was so excited to see that when I would glide the mop head over the floor, the hair wasn't flying around.  It was completely stuck to the bottom of the fiber pad. 
This is my favorite thing about this product, it completely holds the hair.  Another wonderful thing about the mop is that after I am done sweeping up all the hair and dirt, I shake it out and then use it to mop the floor.  When I am done mopping the floor, I can either throw it in the wash or rinse it out really good and let it air dry.  Then in the morning, the fiber pad is dry and ready to handle another day!
The only suggestion I would make, which would make this product even more amazing is if it came with either a dustpan or one of the small hand broom and dustpan combo.  I don't mind using my broom and dustpan to sweep up the mess that the mop doesn't completely pick up, but some people might.
I would defiantly recommend this product to my family and friends. 

Above you will notice the head is completely clean.
Below you will see that it has defiantly picked up some dirt and hair.  


Product Description 

            Fibrite offers the highest in quality microfiber products. The Fibrite Bendable Mop's ability to bend 90 degrees at both ends of the mop base allows for freedom to clean tough corners across the room, including stairs!

The high-quality microfiber bristle pad leaves smooth surfaces spotless and shiny, removing residue that generic mops cannot.

This mop is perfect for dry cleaning and dusting as well as wet mopping. Dust tables, television, wall units, blinds, anything around the house or office!

Included is the telescopic mop stick that can extend up to 49.5 inches! The stick is 30 inches when retracted

The microfiber pad is washable and reusable. The high quality material accounts for its longevity so it can be used time and time again!