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Monday, April 27, 2015

Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner by Smarty Pants Supplies

I know that Shower Curtain Liners are not at the forefront of most peoples minds. Really they shouldn't have to be.  I thought I was saving money by purchasing cheap liners since I figured I would still have to change out the liner just as often as I would if I spent more money on a quality Liner. In all reality, I could have purchased this Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner by Smarty Pants Supplies and saved money in the long run. 

With other more inferior liners, I would find that they would get slimy and full of mildew and soap scum ultra fast.  I was probably changing them out monthly to ever two months.  The cheap shower curtain liners were also extremely thin.  While in the shower the liner would even sometimes stick to me while I was showering.

I was excited to get rid of the old nasty liner and try my Super Clear Shower Curtain Liner out!  The tear proof metal grommets lined up perfectly.  The liner is ultra thick and dries fast after a shower.  Being a little oversized purposely for water protection is a serious plus!  

Check out the pictures of my bathroom after I put up the new curtain.  The curtain is seriously the cleanest and clearest I have ever owned, therefore, I used structured editing to enhance the curtain as the original pics make it look invisible! 

I was very happy to get a chance to receive this product gratis in exchange for my 100% honest opinion of how it worked for me.

Look at that great length.  No water getting on your floor during your shower anymore!

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Both sides are equal in length.  Also notice the depth!  This is a wonderful product that I was recommend for friends and family.  It would also make a wonderful bridal shower gift.   
Click Here To Purchase This Product!

*I was very happy to get a chance to receive this product gratis in exchange for my 100% honest opinion of how it worked for me.*

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Adeline Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

No joke, I love them beauty serums...reason being is that they work!  This Hyaluronic Acid Serum is some serious stuff.  It totally holds like 100% times its own weight in moisture which in turn plumps up them fine lines and wrinkles.  I've been using this serum daily and gaining unbelievable results. 
I would recommend this serum to my family and friends. 
I did receive this product for free for testing purposes.  My opinion is 100% my own and I would not recommend something that I wouldn't use myself. 

NEW Garcinia/Cleanse ADVANCED Fast Weight Loss Kit Review

I must say using the New Garcina/Cleanse Advanced Fat Weight Loss Kit really has helped me keep my weight in check.  I started using the combo in March and my weight has dropped by 8 lbs.  That may not sound like a lot to any of you, but to me it's a real accomplishment.
You see during the day I play by the rules, I don't drink soda and I try to eat healthy.  By night fall, I am into chocolate and whipped cream.  I don't know, call it one of my many vice's. 
Although I have continued to consume these tasty things at night, with the help of this wonderful Diet Kit, I was able to drop the 8lbs.
*Disclosure:  I rec'd this product for free for my 100% honest opinion.  Be that as it may, my opinion is 100% my own.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Probiotic Chews for Dogs with Prebiotics Review.

I have the worlds most precious best friend.  Lucy, my rescue dog!  I want her to live a long and healthy life, therefor, I make sure to only give her the best food and supplements which I can afford her.

My sweet dog actually loves the duck flavored probiotic chews.  She obviously doesn't know that it is good for her, but it is.  The probiotic maintains her regularity and her immune systems.  We live out here in the country where I know that me and my entire family have horrid allergies.  Whelp, that is another plus by Paw Choice Prebiotic. 

I have noticed a much more energetic and healthy dog since I started giving her the two chews a day.

*Disclosure:  I have been offered this product at no charge  in exchange for my 100% honest opinion. Be that as it may, my opinions are exactly that, MINE!  You will get my thoughts on the product I review whether I pay for them or not!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Age Defense Neck Cream Review.

I have been using Body Merry products for about 6 months and have yet to me disappointed.  I was recently given their Age Defense Neck Cream for testing purposes.  The cream itself was thick but easily absorbed into my neck.  I am a approaching 40 and the old gobbler is becoming, noticeable.  The cream made my neck feel tighter!  I make sure that I also this cream on my chest all the way down to the cleavage.  Nothing is grossers than seeing wrinkly cleavage!
The only con with the product was the scent.  I wish it smelled more like flowers or something.
Overall, it is a great product and you don't need much of it to cover the area. 
Product Description
Lift, firm and hydrate the delicate skin of your neck and chest with Body Merry's Age Defense Neck Cream - a powerful moisturizer that firms, smoothes, nourishes and improves the suppleness and elasticity of your neck and décolleté.

The cream provides your skin with its daily staple requirements of vitamins, antioxidants and AHAs. 4% Vitamin C, 5% Glycolic Acid and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) are supported by powerful natural and organic ingredients such as Plant Derived Hyaluronic Acid, Propolis, Royal Jelly, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea, Avocado Oil, Licorice, Lemongrass and Rosehip Oil, to name just a few. Like all our products, the formula is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dot & Dot Medium Packing Folder Review

Business Travelers and/or Organizing Fanatics Please Stand Up!
Okay, now sit back down...I didn't say Simon Says, LOL!

I have found the perfect little helper for folding shirts the way the professionals do in the stores.
Introducing the Dot & Dot Medium Packing Folder!  The square plastic piece pictured on the top right of the picture is the main piece we need here. 

This is a close-up of the plastic piece which holds all the directions. 

I used my favorite Eddie Bower Flanner Shirt for this lesson.  First, I laid my shirt button side down.  I placed the plastic piece in the middle under collar of the shirt.

 Keeping the plastic board in place, I pulled the sleeve all the way over the plastic piece to the left, making sure the entire piece was even and taught.  See below example.

This part is a little more tricky, thank goodness for pictures!  You want to make your sleeve look like this.

Now, do the same exact thing with the left sleeve, pull it towards the right remembering to keep it taught.

Fold the bottom piece up like the below example.

Slide out the plastic piece.

Voilà, you have a professionally folded shirt and...

it fits perfectly in the canvas holder.

I take plenty of trips where this little device is going to come in handy.  When I pack I typically fold stuff and throw it into a suit case. I usually have one really nice shirt that I have to keep hung up in my backseat on the hook in my car, I no longer have to use.  Look out drivers, I will finally be able to see the entire road, LOL!

Once at my destination, I open up my organizer and their is my nicely unwrinkled shirt!  Not a bad idea!
*I incorporate all products and/or samples I receive into my life or the life of my family.  After I research and/or use the product and/or sample, I will post/blog my opinion about said product.  I received this product for free in exchange sampling and testing purposes.  All opinions are 100% my own.*

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Silicone Baking Cups - 24 Pack - 6 Vibrant Colors

These adorable bright colored silicone baking cups are amazingly easy to clean.  The bright colors make baking a little more fun.  They were easy to use and make clean up a breeze! 

Because of the adorable rainbow of color these baking cups got the attention of my son, who is not much of a baker but he is defiantly the most adorable assistant.  He couldn't wait to help me make a batch of my favorite cupcakes.
I actually left them in the cups for added appeal and made a design using the colors.  I received these baking cups for free for testing purposes.