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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Angry Orange Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator Review

 I received Angry Orange Pet Oder and Stain Eliminator for free in exchange for my 100% honest opinion.  I rec'd the product via Amazon and the bottle was opened and leaking all within the box.  I contacted the company who immediately fixed the problem and sent me a completely new product in perfect condition.
I actually have 3 cats and one very lucky rescue dog.  One of my cats seems to be blind because I have caught her more than once hanging her booty off the side of the liter box and before I know it, she kamikaze's the floor (which happens to be carpet)!
Then I have my wonderful rescue dog, Lucy.  She was a couple years old when my sister found her on the side of the ride.  After posting pics of her on FaceBook, no one claimed her.  We guessed that she was a hunting dog that was left behind.  Her manner being so sweet, we kept her.  Unfortunatly, she has had her share of accidents on the carpet, too!
So as you can imagine, when I seen I had a chance to review a pet odor and stain eliminator product, I jumped at the chance. 
I have used this product on my carpets to clean up the little oppsie daisy's my little animals leave behind.  Works like a charm.  Not only did it get rid of the stain, but it left a wonderful citrus scent in it's place.  I also read another review used this product to clean out the cat box with.  Great idea, I might add.  The box smelled so clean and fresh afterwards!  This product is a definite must have for pet owners.  I would recommend it to all my friends and family with animals!

Product Description     

      GUARANTEED TO GET RID OF THE TOUGHEST PET ODORS!  Angry Orange is a commercial grade citrus odor eliminator that was originally formulated for use in industrial applications such as feedlots, sludge-ponds, poultry farms, rendering plants, pet waste removal companies and boarding kennels. IMAGINE WHAT IT CAN DO FOR YOU.

SUPER SAFE AND NON TOXIC, 100% ALL NATURAL - Angry Orange is a cold press custom formula derived from the oil found in orange peels.It is biodegradable and non-toxic. Meets FDA-GRAS standards.

MUCH MORE THAN PET STAINS AND ODORS - Yes..It can be used to remove all types of Pet odor and stains including dog urine , cat urine, litter box odors, as a pet odor yard spray,a pet odor remover from concrete ,removes odor from hard wood floors, tile and carpet. Many people also use Angry Orange around the house for cleaning sinks, toilets , tubs and showers etc.. Works great on stainless steel , many people use to clean their grills. There’s literally hundreds of applications for Angry Orange around the home. Let us know how you used your Angry Orange.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY - Angry Orange comes in a highly concentrated form. 1 8oz bottle of Angry Orange makes (4) 32 oz spray bottles.When mixing in a standard 32 oz. spray bottle , most people use 2 ounces of concentrate and 30 ounces of water. For larger spray systems adjust accordingly. Besides being powerful it’s also much more cost effective than other odor eliminators.