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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bounce Off by Mattel





When I told my 10 year old son that I had a new game coming free via BzzAgent he was so excited he could hardly wait for it to come. Once here, he tore open the package with excitement! My 17 year old daughter was also intrigued and wanted to play. We set up in our game room on a plastic folding table which is rectangular in shape. My husband and the kids set up the game while I read the directions which seemed pretty vague. My daughter also expressing the same opinion. My son loved the fact that the game instructions included "trash talking" your opponent which in all honesty is funny if we were playing beer pong with adults. Obviously we were not! Despite the lack of instruction, limited pattern cards and my now trash talking son the game was pretty fun! Being that the table we played on was rectangular, my husband was the odd man out and in a very funky position for bouncing the balls into the grid. He did however make it work. The kids laughed and we laughed too! Although the directions were lacking, I am known for implementing house rules anyways. Can't wait for the holidays to try the game out with some tweaks and defiantly adults...if you get me a draft, I mean if you get my drift yeah, drift! *This is my 100% honest review of this product*
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