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Monday, January 5, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Argan Oil

 I was really happy to try out Pure Body Naturals Argan Oil.  I was given the opportunity and the product to see how it worked for me for my honest testimonial of how it worked in my life, here it is.  I personally love that Argan Oil is a natural product that I can use in the place of treating my son's eczema.  Being that it is 100% Pure Certified Organic I feel safer using it on his dry spots than using the prescription lotion that states it could burn the skin on the warning label. 
When the boy starts getting a dry spot, I use Argan Oil right away.  I has been working great.  The patches stay away with consistent use.  The only hard part about using this oil is that I am putting it on a squiggling  year old boy who thinks he's getting a beauty treatment. 
I also use this Argan oil on my nails and hands. My nails were looking a little yellowish due to over use of the ole nail polish.  After using the argan oil, my nails have started to lose that dullness and the healthy glow is starting to shine through.  When I use it on my hands they instantly look much more rejuvenated.  It is an oil so I make sure I use it sparingly. 
I really like this product as it has so many uses.  I especially
would recommend this to anyone with eczema.
Product Description:
ONE INGREDIENT - PURE ARGAN OIL (HUGE 4OZ Bottle) : Pure USDA & ECO Certified Organic Moroccan Argan Oil. There are no additives or fillers whatsoever! Our oil is all natural, USDA certified organic, and unrefined imported directly from Morocco.

►MOISTURIZER FOR VIBRANT SKIN AND HAIR RESTORATION◀ For All Skin and Hair Types. Use with damaged, frizzy, split or brittle hair to revitalise your hair leaving it Soft, Shiny and Revitalised. Use on skin to enrich and keep healthy skin tones. Use on face for moisturizing and hydration leaving your face rejuvenated and vibrant.

SUPERIOR QUALITY: Our Pure Argan oil is produced using only the best methods in the industry as our Argan oil is USDA Certified Organic.

MULTIPURPOSE: Use with Damaged or Brittle HAIR. Use on SKIN to enrich and keep healthy skin tones. Use on FACE for moisturizing and hydration. Use on NAILS to strengthen and restore color and health.
The Essential Product for Keeping Your Body Radiant by Restoring Hair, Skin, Nails with Our Pure Argan Oil.

Pure Body Naturals Pure Argan Oil Will Give You:

    • Revitalised, Repaired and Radiant Hair
    • Moisturized Hydrated Beautiful Skin
    • Strong and Healthy Nails
    • Treating dry and unhydrated skin, eczema
    • Reduce Symptoms of Aging like Wrinkles and Puffiness
    • An all-round Healthy Beautiful Attractive Glow

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