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Saturday, December 13, 2014

TrueSynergy Vitamin D3 Review

Vitamin D3 aka the Sunshine pill is so very important for your body.  TrueSynergy Vitamin D3 has 5000IU which is a high amount of Vitamin D3.  As this is a very high dosage you should only take 1 every other day.  I suggest checking with your doctor first to see if you have a deficiency in Vitamin D3.  If you do, this specific product is perfect for getting your D3 where it should be.  You and your doctor will be able to advise how often you should be taking this.  I have taken this supplement every two days and plan on asking my physician what she thinks.  I am due for some blood work anyhow and I will find out if mine is on the high side or low side.

Product Description

Vitamin D-3 softgels supply this key vitamin in a highly-absorbable liquid softgel form. Vitamin D is normally obtained from the diet or produced by the skin from the ultra-violet energy of the sun. However, it is not abundant in food. As more people avoid sun exposure, Vitamin D supplementation becomes even more necessary to ensure that your body receives an adequate supply.

If you are Vitamin D3 deficient, you may exhibit the following symptoms: - Fatigue and low energy - Trouble sleeping or trouble staying awake - A weak immune system, with more infections and colds - Weak bones - Poor dental health and excess tooth decay - Hypertension

Premium Quality Vitamin D3 5000 Iu - Soft Gels - 100% Pure and Natural Effective Supplement That Supports the Immune System, Bone, Muscle, Breast, Prostate and Dental Health for a Stronger and Healthier You - 120 Count
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I rec'd this product for my 100% honest opinion.

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